Diesel Performance Upgrades

in Twin Falls, ID

Keep your diesel truck or Jeep performing at the top of its game. The auto crew at S&G Customs will:

  • Install injectors to increase your diesel vehicle’s performance
  • Offer custom tuning to keep your ride humming along nicely
  • Install new fuel systems to improve your vehicle’s mileage
  • Install an auxiliary fuel tank to maximize your driving distances
  • Convert your gas vehicle to diesel to boost its performance

Visit S&G Customs in Twin Falls, Idaho ASAP to make your diesel vehicle look and drive better than ever.

3 Reasons to Switch to Diesel

Are you considering switching from a gas vehicle to a diesel one? Here are three reasons to make the switch today:

  1. Diesel isn’t loud anymore. 20 years ago, you could hear a diesel truck from 100 yards away. Now, they’re quiet and don’t spew black smoke behind them.
  2. You’ll need to fill up less often. Diesel may cost more per gallon than standard gasoline, but it doesn’t burn as fast, and it gets better mileage overall.
  3. It’s easy to find a diesel pump. Almost every gas station in Twin Falls, Idaho has diesel pumps.

What are you waiting for? Call 208-734-1111 today to speak with a diesel pro about switching your gas vehicle over to a high-performance fuel.